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Commercial, public, corporate and individual clients commission our artists for sculptures, paintings, oils, prints, lithographs, photography, murals, jewelry, furniture, multi-media and more. The artist consortium consists of artwork from local, international, emerging, professional and young artists working in a variety of different disciplines, styles and genres. Crystal Fine Art - Studio services are also available for consulting and development of art related projects.

Fine Art Murals


Tsunami (3-D Mural)
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See more of Scott Matthew Crystal's work



Acrylic, encaustic, fresco, frieze, gouache, gesso, grisaille, impasto, oil and tempera painting.

Montana Wannasaveang working in her studio

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Fine Art Painting

  Works on Paper

Calligraphy, collage, crosshatching, drafting, drawings, illustration, layout, pastel and watercolor.

See more of Li Xubai's work

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Fine Art Watercolors


Aquatint, collograph, dry point etching, engraving, etching, linoleum, lithography, monoprint, serigraph, silkscreen, solar-print and wood-cut.

See more of Fox Graphic's work

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Fine Art Lithography


3-D, faux, fiber optic, kinetic, light, tromp l'oeil and light-signs.

See the 20' X 6' "Galaxy Mural"

Click here to see the "Malimo" Murals

Fine Art Murals


Bronze, carving, casting, cire perdue, ceramic, fresco, frieze, glyptic, intaglio, high relief, in the round, ice, incised relief, low relief, monolith, metal, obelisk, steel, stone, terra-cotta,totem poles and vessels.

See "Sowelu", a stone sculpture, being completed over 2 years in a short animation

Fine Art Sculpture


Color, black & white, daguerreotype, digital, non-silver, photomontage, pin hole and polaroid transfers.

See more of Sue Geene's work

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Fine Art Photography


Animation, cyberart, furniture, jewelry, kinetic art, mixed media, mosaics, music, poetry, sgraffitos and writing.

See more of Matthew Lloyd Clifford's work

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Fine Art Cyberart

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